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Miniature Shetland Pony Kanchana is Set for Spring

NOW 13-years-old, much-loved Miniature Shetland pony Kanchana has been part of the Rodford family for most of her life. Originally bought with her stable-mate Jacinta,...

Sally Returns to Form after Health Scare

When Annette McCracken walked to her horse’s stable door and found her laid flat out she thought the time had come for the 21-year-old...

Connemara Pony Shannon Teaches Maisy the Ropes

Connemara pony Shannon was proving a superb schoolmistress for young Maisy Griffiths in the dressage arena until she suffered from a bout of laminitis.

Healthy Weight

It's important for horses and ponies to have a healthy weight. A horse with a healthy weight delivers better performance, has more energy and has less risk of developing laminitis or insulin resistance. But what is a healthy weight for your horse? And what should you do if your horse is overweight or underweight?

What you should know about horses and sugar

All horses need sugar for general good health and performance. Sugar delivers energy that the muscles need to work properly. No sugar, no performance....

Spring grass and Fructan: What should you watch out for?

Spring is coming! That means that horses can spend more time outdoors, and more time at pasture. When transitioning from stable to pasture, your horse's diet changes too. More fresh spring grass. Did you know that grass produces fructan as a source of energy? In principle, normal quantities of fructan are not a risk for healthy horses. However, fructan can cause horses that are sensitive to sugar to suffer considerably. In this blog, we're going to talk about all the things you should watch out for when your horse is turned out to pasture once more!

Sam’s Determination Keeps Pony Ed Fit and Happy

Now 15-years-old, Welsh Section A pony, Ed first experienced laminitis at the age of five and his devoted owner Sam Bull has done everything in her power ever since to keep him happy and comfortable.

Are Fructans and Sugars the Same?

It has been known that horses and ponies that are fed too much carbohydrate by accidental grain overload may develop laminitis. Another important cause of laminitis is consumption of lush pasture.

Superstar Pony Benefits From Laminaid

It was so great to see him gradually improve and by week seven he was back to full fitness and thankfully has never looked back.

Managing laminitic horses

To avoid development or improve an existing laminitic episode, it is essential that underlying systemic endocrine problems are addressed in addition to treating the foot itself.
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