Cavalor Freebute Gel is a totally new concept from Cavalor for the treatment of legs and muscles.

Made from a 100% natural hydro-gel which ensures quick absorption, Freebute Gel is formulated with essential oils including Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus.

Its deep and powerful relaxing effect on the underlying tissues of the horses body provides a beneficial effect on blood circulation.

Cavalor Freebute Gel is the perfect addition to your warm up routine along with post work out cool down.

It helps to remove toxins and reduces swelling.

Freebute gel may be applied to tendons, ligaments and joints before and after work to reduce work soreness however we recommend you do not apply it to areas that will get hot, such as under boots, bandages or saddle areas.

Post workout it is the perfect product to massage into the lumbar regions of the horse.

Also great for riders with bad backs!

Available in both small 200 ml tubes or 2 litre tubs with a dispenser.