WHEN owner Suzanne Hibbard saw her four-year-old, Welsh Section A, Arnie looking sorry for himself in the field she knew she had to take action.

Arnie is usually fit and well, and Suzanne, a former Horse of the Year Show competitor with her Large Riding Horse, Windsorwood, shows him in hand with the talented youngster already catching the judge’s eye in the competition arena with his stunning looks.

This spring Suzanne kept Arnie on his usual routine of being stabled at night and being turned out in the day and she became worried when he suddenly became foot sore one day when she led him to the field.

As this was Arnie’s first sign of laminitis Suzanne put out a call for advice from friends and one suggested she look at supplements that could support the condition.

Said Suzanne: “Arnie is such a sweet pony and as an owner you just want to do everything you can to get them back on track.

“A friend suggested I try LaminAid combined with a hoof oil called PodoSens and I decided to give it a try.

“I kept Arnie on restricted grazing and he was in the field for smaller periods of time and in the space of a few days he was walking normally and looked so much more comfortable.

“With the combination of the change in his routine, together with additions to his diet and the application of the hoof oil, we are heading back out to the show ring with Arnie and can’t wait to get competing.”

Cavalor LaminAid is a unique balanced combination of several essential oils. Each oil is charachtarised by a specific structure, composition and effect. They work on various different levels in the body to support metabolism. The oils support the sensitive intestinal flora and bring hormonal and metabolic processes back in to balance. Cavalor LaminAid also supports circulation towards the hoof.Cavalor LaminAid is used in combination with Cavalor PodoSens.  Cavalor PodoSens is a therapeutic hoof oil. The blend of essential oils helps provide suppport for sensitive hooves and promotes hoof elasticity.