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Did you know that a foal has no natural resistance at birth? And that the first 12 hours of life are crucial for building a healthy immune system? 🧐

Foals receive no antibodies from the placenta when they are in the womb. They are born without antibodies and thus have no natural resistance. The foal only absorbs antibodies through the colostrum, the mother’s first milk. During the first 12 hours the intestine of the foal is still permeable and the antibodies from the colostrum pass into the foal’s bloodstream. These antibodies are needed to develop a healthy immune system for protection against pathogens.

If your foal does not get enough colostrum in these first crucial hours, it will always be more susceptible to diseases. Our tip: After birth, always have a simple blood test carried out. This will quickly determine whether the foal is receiving enough colostrum, and therefore enough antibodies.

Too little or no colostrum? Then use Cavalor Colostra. Cavalor Colostra is a milk replacer for foals that get little or no colostrum. Colostrum is the most important source of antibodies, and this supplemental feed helps to strengthen the foal’s immune system to prevent diseases during the first weeks of life. This product consists of freeze-dried colostrum in powdered form and can be mixed with water.

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