Sport in Hot Temperatures

It's summer! Most of us can enjoy the hot weather (as long as it doesn't get too hot). Horses, however, have a thermoneutral zone...

Focus on supplements

Regulating your Horse’s Energy

Working with horses is all about energy. The right energy to navigate the course or perform the test. However, energy can also be a...

Know your Muscles

Healthy and supple muscles are essential for the health and performance of sport horses. Your horse is only in top shape when his muscles...

The Immune System

Managing laminitic horses

Care products

Cavalor ProScent

Cavalor ProScent is a brand-new blend of essential oils that acts to neutralise your horse’s natural body odour. It has a lovely fresh botanical scent, or in any case that’s how it smells to us humans.

Cavalor Derma Spray

Cavalor Derma Wash

Cavalor Freebute Gel

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Cavalor Laminaid

Cavalor LaminAid works at various different levels in the body to tackle metabolic disorders in an integral manner that can lead to symptoms of laminitis. It supports the sensitive intestinal flora and brings hormonal and metabolic processes back into balance.

Cavalor ProScent

In the feed room

Cavalor Perfomix

Cavalor® Perfomix is a well-balanced feed suited for active competition horses intended to be fed in addition to the daily ration of hay and...

Cavalor Endurix

Cavalor FiberForce